Are you experiencing frequent power outages, tripped breakers, or overloaded circuits in your home? If so, it might be time for an electrical panel upgrade. At Copper Mountain Electric, we offer professional and reliable electrical panel upgrade services for residential properties of all shapes and sizes. Do not let an outdated electrical panel limit the power in your home. Contact us today for a free quote and give your home’s electrical system the upgrade it needs or to learn more about our electrical services.

  • Ensure Safety
  • Accommodate Increased Power Demands
  • Meet Code Compliance


At Copper Mountain Electric, we are proud to provide comprehensive electrical panel service upgrades that include evaluating and assessing your current electrical system, replacing your old panel with a new high-quality panel, installing the necessary circuit breakers for proper protection and distribution of electricity, and thorough testing of the upgraded panel to ensure functionality and safety.

To ensure that all electrical panel upgrades are completed to the highest industry standards, we follow a set process that entails:

  1. Initial Consultation: Our electrician will discuss your specific needs and assess your current electrical panel.
  2. Proposal and Quote: We will provide you with a detailed proposal and a transparent quote for the electrical panel upgrade.
  3. Scheduling and Installation: Once you approve the proposal, we will schedule the upgrade and install the new electrical service panel.
  4. Testing and Inspection: Our electricians will test the upgraded panel and ensure everything is functioning correctly and is up to code.
  5. Completion: We will provide you with the necessary documentation and ensure your satisfaction with the upgraded electric panel.

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    There are two main types of home electrical panels that you can have installed by our professional electricians:

    Main Breaker Panels

    Main breaker panels feature a large breaker switch that controls the main power supply to your home’s entire electrical system. We offer main breaker panels with different amperage options, making it easy to choose the right panel for your specific power requirements.


    Subpanels are smaller electrical distribution panels that are connected to the main electrical panel in your house. They can be installed to provide additional circuit capacity for specific areas of your home, such as a garage, workshop, or basement.


    Do not wait until an electrical hazard causes damage to your home and puts your family’s safety at risk. Contact us today at 778-855-0408 to schedule your electrical panel upgrade and to take the first step towards enjoying a more efficient and secure electrical system in your home.


    Why Do I Need a Service Upgrade?

    An electrical service upgrade will enable you to power more devices in your home, ensuring a stable electrical system and preparing you for future upgrades, such as adding an EV charger, hot tub, or A/C unit. Do not let your current electrical system limit your home’s potential. Upgrade your electrical service today for enhanced functionality and reliability.

    What Size of Service Should I get?

    The amount of power you require will determine the optimal service for your needs. For a standard detached single-family home with modern conveniences, a 200 amp service offers a sufficient and sustainable amount of power; however, if you have a separate secondary dwelling or shop, opting for a 400 amp service is recommended to ensure an ample supply of energy for your system. Consider your power needs and choose the service that best matches your requirements.

    What Kind of Hydro Fee will I Pay for My Service Upgrade?

    Based on the information provided on the BC Hydro website, homeowners will incur a connection charge of $838 to $1149, in addition to GST, for a 200 amp service upgrade.

    How Long will the Process Take to get Hydro Approval for My Upgrade?

    On average, BC Hydro typically takes 2-3 weeks to review and schedule a 200 amp service upgrade.

    Will I be Without Power on the Day of My Service Upgrade?

    Yes, the Hydro team will arrive and disconnect your power for an estimated duration of 5 to 8 hours. This is to facilitate the installation of the new cable and carry out the necessary upgrade work on your home’s electrical system. Once this process is completed, the Hydro team will promptly return on the same day to reconnect your service, working in coordination with our technicians.

    How Long will the Upgrade Take on the Day of Installation?

    Typically, the installation process for a 200 amp service upgrade takes around 5-8 hours. To ensure a smooth installation, our team may schedule a preparatory visit beforehand to assess the situation and complete any necessary preliminary work.


    Give us a call at 778.855.0408 or contact us through our online form and we will get started right away.