Service Upgrade FAQ

Why do I need a service upgrade?

A service upgrade will allow you to utilize more devices in your home, provide a more stable electrical system and prepare you for future home upgrades. (ie. Adding an EV charger, hot tub, A/C unit, etc)

What size of service should I get?

This depends on the amount of power you would like to have. For a typical detached single-family home with our modern conveniences a 200 amp service provides you with a sustainable amount of power. If you have a detached secondary dwelling or shop you may want to go with a 400amp service to ensure you have enough available energy for your system.

What kind of Hydro fee will I pay for my service upgrade?

According to the BC Hydro website, they will charge you as the homeowner a connection charge of $838 – $1149 + GST for a 200 amp service upgrade.

How long will the process take to get Hydro approval for my upgrade?

BC Hydro will take on average between 2-3 weeks to approve and schedule a 200amp service upgrade.

Will I be without power on the day of my service upgrade?

Yes. The Hydro team will come and disconnect your power for 5 – 8 hours on average in order for the new cable to be run and for the upgrade work to be conducted on your home’s electrical system. Once that is complete the Hydro team will return that same day to reconnect your service in tandem with our technicians.

How long with the upgrade take on the day of installation?

The average time for a 200 amp service upgrade on the day of installation is 5-8 hours. If possible our team will schedule a preparation visit prior to the day of installation in order to assess and complete any preliminary work.

EV Charger FAQ

How Much Does Installing an EV charger cost?

We will install your EV charger for $1400 + GST. For more info on our installation process as well as our pricing on EV charger models please take a look at our EV Charger article.

How much will an electric vehicle save me in fuel per month?

According to BC Hydro calculations, your new electric vehicle could save you as much as $210 per month (with an average yearly mileage of 15,000 km in a sedan).

How much of a grant will BC Hydro give me for an EV charger install?

As of June 15, there are no BC Hydro rebates in relation to single-family dwellings have ceased due to “the popularity of the program, funding is currently unavailable for single-family homes. As of June 15, 2023, applications are no longer accepted.” (BCHydro – 2023).

Will my existing panel be able to handle the load of an EV charger?

Depending on your current panel size you may have to upgrade your panel/service in order to accommodate your new EV charger. (See our blog post on Service Upgrades for more information).

What kind of EV charger should I get?

Often times your new electric vehicle will come with its own EV charger, ready to install. Should a charger not be provided with your purchase we recommend FLO Home G5 or X5 models. Click this link to see these models in depth.

How long will the installation take?

The installation of your EV charger will generally take 3-5 hours on average to complete.

Should I get a 30, 40, or 50 amp EV charger?

Your EV charger will come tuned to the most efficient amperage rating for your vehicle. That being the case, the majority of these models are able to be tuned to a higher or lower amperage draw depending on your needs and available panel space.

Generator FAQ

How big of a generator do I need?

Our most common unit is a Generac 24kw Guardian Air-cooled Home Backup generator capable of producing up to 87 amps of power. For more information on what this unit provides please take a look at our Generator blog post.

Will the generator come on automatically in a power outage?

Yes. We install a transfer switch and sub-panel along with the generator ensuring that the system will automatically switch over to your generator in the event of a power outage.

How much will my generator cost?

Our most common unit is a 24kw Generac Guardian generator. These units cost on average between $13,000 – $16,000 + GST. This price includes the generator itself, an automatic transfer switch, a sub panel with breakers, permit, and electrical labour to install.

Do I need to organize my own gas contractor for the generator hook up?

We can contact and facilitate a gas contractor to install the supply lines for your generator. The cost generally associated with this installation is between $1500 – $3000 + GST.

How often will my generator need to be serviced?

Your generator is recommended to have a yearly service. Our team can provide this for you at a yearly cost of $350 + GST. This service includes a system overview, oil and filter change, and generator test.

Do I need to upgrade the electrical system in my home to work with a generator?

The generator package is designed to work with your home’s current electrical setup.