Posted on: December 4, 2023 | Categories: Solar Power

As the world increasingly shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, British Columbia, Canada, stands at the forefront of embracing the power of the sun. We at Copper Mountain Electrical Ltd want to make the most of this burgeoning field on behalf of our clientele. With our licensed team of solar energy system installers working with you to take advantage a host of benefits, opportunities, and enticing rebates we think you will be amazed at the potential of this exciting resource.

What makes this technology so intriguing and why has it gained so much momentum over the past several years? Lets look at a few of the ways this investment in your home is sure to produce dividends.

  • Clean and Renewable Energy Source:
    British Columbia is blessed with ample sunlight, making solar power a viable and renewable energy source. By harnessing the energy from the sun, homeowners and businesses can significantly reduce their dependence on traditional fossil fuels, contributing to the province’s ambitious clean energy targets.
  • Reduced Energy Costs:
    Investing in an electric solar system allows residents and businesses in British Columbia to generate their own electricity, thereby reducing their reliance on the grid. Over time, this translates into substantial savings on energy bills, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the long term.
  • Government Incentives and Rebates:
    One of the most compelling reasons to install a solar system in British Columbia is the availability of generous government incentives and rebates. The provincial and federal governments recognize the importance of transitioning to renewable energy and offer various financial incentives to encourage the adoption of solar technology.

    • BC Hydro Net Metering Program: This program allows solar system owners to connect their systems to the grid and receive credits for the excess energy they produce. These credits can then be used during periods when the solar panels are not generating sufficient power.
    • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): The Canadian government offers a tax credit for eligible solar energy systems, further reducing the overall cost of installation.
  • Increased Property Value:
    Homes and businesses equipped with solar panels often see an increase in property value. Potential buyers are increasingly drawn to properties that come with the added benefit of reduced energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint, making solar-equipped properties a sound investment.
  • Environmental Impact:
    Choosing solar energy contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. By opting for clean energy, residents of British Columbia actively participate in the effort to combat climate change and preserve the region’s natural beauty for future generations.
  • Job Creation and Economic Growth:
    The solar industry’s growth in British Columbia has created job opportunities and stimulated economic growth. From manufacturing and installation to maintenance and research, the solar sector is fostering a sustainable and dynamic economy.


Solar power has come a long way over the past ten years. The advances in the technology and training have opened up a host of opportunities both for professionals and home owners. We at Copper Mountain Electric look forward to working with you as you transform your home, add value to your investment and take greater ownership of your electricity.

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